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Praying about a dating relationship

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That desire isn't necessarily bad, but it can cause even a noble prayer to evolve into a misguided request.It isn't that we don't love God, but rather, that we are constantly bombarded by earthly ideals — and we unwittingly succumb to them.If you are a Christian, this means you have the responsibility to help her mature in faith, to encourage her to use her talents in ministry, and not to become an obstacle as she follows Jesus.In other words you need to hold her life as a sacred trust for as long as she is a part of your life.

This bothered me, so when I got married, I carried this defensive attitude into my marriage.If you are single, pray and ask for God’s blessing in your relationship. If you are married, Pray a covering of protection over each other before leaving your home. In fact, those are the times when you need to be praying the most. The longer you allow an issue to fester, the more difficult it becomes to move beyond it. Talk about how they make you feel and how they’ve affected you emotionally, physically, or spiritually.Your prayers should include asking the Lord to set guardian angels to war and protect your home and your relationship. Once you have made a decision to forgive, make a decision to leave the issue in the past.Long before my two boys entered high school, I prayed that neither of them would have a steady girlfriend until they could behave like gentlemen. However, as my oldest son, Brian, entered high school, my prayers changed to mirror his longing for a dating relationship.Brian didn't enter his first steady relationship until he was a senior.Perhaps I would have been more at peace during his high school years if I had kept in mind the broader picture of my son's well-being, shaped by God's infinite wisdom and perfect timing, instead of my son's dating angst.