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With the club fresh in my mind I spent most of my time studying Sonia's blouse and thinking of what I'd like to do in bed with her.

But with my thoughts miles away in bed with Sonia, it wasn't till I got back to my own desk after the meeting that I realised I'd absentmindedly left the precious folder with the memory stick and thong in Sonia's office. A few minutes later what I'd dreaded happened: a message from Sonia flashed on my screen summoning me to her office.

Although these are always wise precautions, one would hope the need to vacate dormitories in response to a legend has become unnecessary.

The abundance of student newspaper articles collected below indicates that perhaps saner heads forestall further outbreaks of the legend.

The club was a bunch of guys who met at lunchtimes in one of the anonymous windowless meeting rooms down an isolated wing of our building.

We would share porn web sites we'd found, magazines, and everyone brought some pictures, either web or magazine pictures, or best of all our own amateur pictures, of wives, girl friends and especially daughters (nothing under eighteen of course).

Perhaps someone had noticed the web sites I was browsing in unguarded moments, perhaps they'd seen I had a taste for the eye candy that strolled around our open office plan area, or perhaps they just realised I was a regular guy with a taste for porn.

There was someone moving behind the darkened window that wasn't quite opposite her bedroom. Andrew was a little puzzled by Katherine's performance over the last two nights.

About to reach for the blinds, Katherine paused, considering angles. When Katherine had forgotten to pull the blinds he'd thought he was in for a show. He made a mental note to drop a word to Katherine about pulling her blind.

The classic “Halloween Campus Murders” fright tale is a legend almost plague-like in its cyclicity, one that periodically resurfaces, spreads widely, and sends many students rushing home or barricading themselves inside their rooms during the weekend of (or just before) Halloween.

(That each major outbreak of the rumor seems to occur several years after the previous iteration suggests that the legend takes hold anew once most of the students who experienced the previous occurrence have graduated and moved on, making room for a new crop of youngsters who have never been exposed to it before.) This story’s first known appearance was in the Midwest in 1968, perhaps inspired by Richard Speck’s murderous attack on nine nurses in a Chicago rooming house a few years earlier.