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Nonetheless, the current owner sought perfection, and thus a comprehensive restoration program was undertaken and has recently been completed by marque specialists Autosport Designs of Huntington Station, New York.Performed by marque experts with true concours-quality attention to the car’s legendary build quality, the work utilized proper original methods and materials, including Tobacco Connolly-style leather and contrasting grey Wilton carpets, complementing the handsome period-correct finish of Cumberland Grey.Beginning in October 1978, these cars gained improvements to their body styling, including the trademark Vantage aerodynamic package, a leather headliner, and a burled walnut dashboard as part of the so-called Series II or “Oscar India” generation (“OI” was internal code for the new model referring to “October Introduction”). The car was found to have been maintained in excellent mechanical condition; indeed, to this day, its alloy four-cam engine has never required rebuilding, and its compression levels remain within factory specifications.Of the 172 genuine 425-horsepower V8 Vantage models produced between 19, it is believed that only three were delivered in North America, each left-hand drive from new. This is backed up by full service records that accompany the car, dating from 1996 to the present day, as well as by the Statement of Confirmation from the Gaydon, Warwickshire, factory, which attests to the car’s identity and origin.

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425 bhp, 5,340 cc DOHC alloy four-cam V-8 engine with four Weber downdraft carburetors, ZF five-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with upper and lower control arms, de Dion rear axle with Watt linkage, trailing arms, and coil springs, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. The true Vantage “supercar” version of Aston Martin’s standard-bearer V8 was never sold new in the United States due to emissions regulations; the fire-breathing “4 × 2” Weber carburetors and low-restriction exhaust were simply not made to be compliant.

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For some vehicular brands, showing a human side might be considered a betrayal, reports Iain Robertson, as he rounds up the 2017 collection from those firms that actually possess a sense of humour…

Thus, V8 Vantage models sold in the United States were actually “sheep in wolves’ clothing,” with the same aggressive, aerodynamic body upgrades as “true” Vantages, including an assertive blanked-off grille and hood scoop, but equipped with the standard (and anemic by comparison) fuel-injected engine and ungainly 5-mph bumpers.

The proper, full-specification V8 Vantage was noted in the April 1978 issue of Motor Sport Magazine as being the fastest accelerating production automobile in the world, capable of rocketing from 0–60 mph in 5.4 seconds.