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For decades, Latin America’s troubled experience with democracy has served as a testing ground for theories on democratization and political regimes.

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However, the player rewards the child by giving him his game-worn jersey, which is a heartwarming end to the ad.What I want to know is why security let that kid get through for no apparent reason.If they have immediate ideas for evidence that can be used to support their thesis, I encourage them to jot those ideas down below to help out the next guy, but they are only responsible for the thesis.We know that Super Bowl commercials are as important as (some say *MORE* important than) the game itself.2013 -- We don't know much about the Korean automaker's plans for this year's Super Bowl, but they've bought at least one slot. Audi 2012 -- A vampire field party ruined by Audi's "daylight" LED headlights.Maybe a funny ad, but did anybody research the average age of a Twilight fan compared to the average age of an Audi buyer? Pepsi 2012 -- It's a celebrity-filled skit set in a over-costumed kings court, where Pepsi is liberated from the evil king (Elton John), who falls into the dungeon with Flavor Flav.I prepare mine ahead of time with room for each step of the process provided under the prompt (see above), but you don’t have to do that.There should be a DIFFERENT prompt for every student in the vertical row.

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After all, these spots only cost .8 million per 30 seconds.*In my AP classes this includes identifying SOAPS (subject-occasion-audience-purpose-speaker) when applicable, and TOFA (topic, opinion, format, audience) in all my other classes.The bottom line is – students should become VERY familiar with the first prompt they are given.* Once they have identified the task of the prompt/ what is being asked of them, they should WRITE A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT in response.Why else would someone go through the trouble of uploading their opinion of the top 10 commercials from the 2012 Super Bowl onto You Tube?And why else would it be watched 1.2 million times?But it was never a sure thing that the e Trade baby would mature into such a phenomenon.