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I agree that this new generation of young people can be too comfortable talking to people any kind of way these days, and it’s quite ridiculous, especially when you’re talking crazy on live television. Check out the awkward clip below and share your thoughts.// Fam5On Ng?

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About 8 months ago a mutual friend at my crossfit gym, who was an assistant pro at a local club, introduced me to their newest assistant pro who was just starting crossfit....

The new asst pro was this sexy (by any standard) girl from the west coast...

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I'm 32-- 1 HCP --been playing/obsessed with golf since I can remember Numerous girlfriends have fussed, whined, etc about how often I play/talk about/watch golf...

He had a one-sided crush on Prue back in school and followed her around, but they never dated until they ran into each other at Piper's high school reunion ten years later.

However, when asked to help bring some food to P3, Justin acted like he didn't remember Prue, calling her Phoebe instead.There's nothing better than dating someone who's serious about golf. not much money working in the shop you guys are tough!I had an ex who worked at a Golf Shop and decided to take up golf. wasn't intended to be a brag or outreach for "approval"..putting an "atypical" (at least i think) experience out there... That's why, he believes, he has sat in prison since October on a seven-to-15-year conviction for molesting three teenage girls at the rural Michigan high school where he volunteered.Curtis, 45, says he could have taken a misdemeanor plea, served a year and a half in county, and been home with his wife and six kids by now."I'm uncomfortable but I don't say anything, 'cause in my head I'm going through all the talks he gave in class about how he was such a Christian guy, and so I was like don't -- you know -- don't think there's something happening here that's not. -- Chad Curtis didn't tell his lawyer that he's doing this interview, he admits with a sly smile.